Design, Technology and Productivity: The Year Ahead

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Like the weather, predictions tend to be... unpredictable. Instead, a better aphorism to use is what Alan Kay, pioneer of object-orientated programming and the GUI famously said: ‘the best way to predict the future is to invent it’.​

With that in mind, we at BrightStarr think there are three key themes that stand out this year and should help businesses large and small plan for the year ahead: the importance of design, the growth of choice in technology, and a renewed focus on productivity.

This year, with continued widespread economic uncertainty, many businesses and organisations remain under pressure to make use of their existing investment — in technology, process improvements, and in infrastructure — instead of kick-starting new investment in products and services.

How companies invest in new technologies will affect their performance, growth, and culture over many years to come. Specifically, by focusing on well designed software and processes, together with making better choices of which platforms and tools to use, will place intranets, portals digital workplaces at the forefront of how to deliver more business performance and productivity.

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