In the Era of Digital Workplace, is your Intranet Dead?​

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

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With more vendors, consultants, experts and commentators rushing to join the Digital Workplace bandwagon (now BrightStarr too!), how do you make sense of it all?

What defines a digital workplace is up for debate. As you might expect, many books, seminars, conferences and numerous white-papers are dedicated to explaining it.

For us at BrightStarr, we think of it as an argument about why your ​businesses and organisations should try to bring together all of their internal operations alongside how you communicate externally with your customers and suppliers, into a single coherent digital strategy.

The benefit of having a coherent digital strategy will hopefully help improve how you operate and importantly be of benefit to the service your customers get.

All of that seems like a ‘no brainer’. Like electricity, digital technology is an integral part of how most businesses and organisations operate. Turn it off, complications would soon arise of not being able to operate, communicate or collaborate. But nevertheless, putting an all-encompassing digital strategy in place is not an easy nor straightforward task.

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