Can design cut crime?

Can design reduce crime? Local councils around the UK certainly seem to think so. Starting today, they will all be using a new M-shaped bike stand called the ‘caMden’, in the hope that it will deter thieves from stealing bicycles. It’s a simple idea: the main feature of the caMden is that it has more Continue Reading

Why we should swat The Mosquito

Originally published on spiked. Yesterday, civil libertarians and concerned officials launched a campaign called ‘Buzz Off’, with the aim of ridding Britain’s streets and estates of 3,500 ultra-sonic devices called ‘the Mosquito’. Introduced at locations around the country in January 2006, these little machines emit a disturbing buzzing noise that is only audible to those Continue Reading

World Usability Day London – Positive Experiences in Healthcare

Venue Organised by design agency LBi and the Usability Professionals Association, London. Spoke on panel entitled Openness of information and communities in Healthcare discussing ways in which the internet offers opportunities for sharing information to inform the public, and to enable experiences to be shared and learned from within the NHS. Other speakers included Sir Continue Reading

Comment: Design in denial

Originally published in Blueprint (now defunct). Nowadays, design is justified in terms of being sustainable and ethically responsible without much debate. Consequently many have become shy to defend aspects of good design that we’ve previously taken for granted. After all design is the result of how we able to process and master resources, taming them Continue Reading

Creativity versus Counting

Venue Usability Professionals Association, LBi offices, London. Much needed creativity is suffering in a climate that places importance on achieving a measurable impact on the bottom line above all else. The talk explored why this is happening and argued that innovation is more important than perpetuating the statistics. Some said I caused disagreements whilst another Continue Reading