Big Data: Big Boon or Big Brother?

Originally published by Dublin Salon. Big data is big news. Information about our every activity is routinely stored, shared and pored over by major companies and government agencies alike. Whether to predict our next purchase or our next illness, it seems the capture of our personal details on a massive scale is fast becoming something Continue Reading

Gamification is taking over our lives, and it all came from video games

Originally published by The Independent Supermarket chain Sainsbury’s was recently caught red faced with a poster encouraging its staff to get customers to spend more on their shopping. It caused an irate yet strange response on Twitter with many outraged by why a supermarket would want customers to spend more. Surely that is the whole Continue Reading

Social irresponsibility: thinking the unthinkable

From the recent backlash of Libeskinds’ claim to boycott working in China, to the call for a ‘Code of Ethics’ from Architects/Designers/Planners for Social Responsibility, the politics of the global built environment is undergoing perpetual debate. Some argue that ‘starchitects’ only have short-term political agendas in search for publicity stunts. Others claim that all designers and architects should be allowed to choose by themselves what they believe to be moral without the pressure of social responsibility.

‘It looks like Lisa Simpson giving head’

Condemnation of the logo has been vociferous. Numerous websites, tabloid newspapers, advertising networks and news and radio programmes have discussed it. Around 3,300 people have sent messages to the website of the BBC’s 606 sports programme, asking why such a horrible logo was produced (2). Meanwhile, news programmes have had hours of (fairly predictable) fun Continue Reading

Shaping Social Policy: Designers and Health

Encouraged by a new breed of policy makers, designers believe they are better able than politicians and clinicians to nudge people into making healthier choices, by transforming the physical environment, improving food labelling, creating incentives to lose weight or give up smoking, and even re-thinking how a receptionist answers the phone. It is hoped that Continue Reading

Can design save healthcare?

Speakers were: Martin Bontoft: design strategist and researcher on user needs in design. Has previously worked for, ideo (Head of Human Factors), Design Council, National Health Service (NHS) and has long experience of service design. Alastair Donald: Urban planner, researcher and writer with experience in public and private sectors, including as an advisor to Commission Continue Reading