‘It looks like Lisa Simpson giving head’

Condemnation of the logo has been vociferous. Numerous websites, tabloid newspapers, advertising networks and news and radio programmes have discussed it. Around 3,300 people have sent messages to the website of the BBC’s 606 sports programme, asking why such a horrible logo was produced (2). Meanwhile, news programmes have had hours of (fairly predictable) fun Continue Reading

Social media is more about creating loyalty than new ideas

Unsurprisingly, some of the heaviest advocates of social media are those brands fighting in tough markets. The Wall Street Journal for example has 38 separate Twitter news feeds with thousands of followers. The car manufacturer Toyota has thousands of dedicated fan pages on Facebook. Its Prius car has over 40,893 fans. Elsewhere Frank Eliason leads Continue Reading

Why brands shouldn’t get lost in the Twitter storm

Today, the entire marketing industry is being severely tested when the gap between what a brand represents and what people seem to want is getting wider. The internet has helped clarify this when what customers click on, tweet and search for can be easily measured. The conclusions often shows what people are not looking for. Continue Reading