Taking a shortcut around the digital divide

Nine other local government finalists were also awarded monies, all of whom, we are told, provided clear evidence of ‘cross-Government, cross-sector’ collaboration. Sunderland won, however, because it was ‘recognised as an example in how ICT technologies can be used to tackle social exclusion’. It had proposed ideas including ‘e-Champions’ designed to help vulnerable groups access Continue Reading

The tyranny of technology

The growing number of ‘e-awards’ is a case in point. From the eLearning Awards, which ‘rewards excellent practice in using ICT [Information and Communication Technologies] for learning across Europe’ (3) to the eWell-Being Awards, which ‘celebrate the social, economic and environmental benefits’ of ICT (4), each purportedly seeks out examples of how to use technology Continue Reading

‘It looks like Lisa Simpson giving head’

Condemnation of the logo has been vociferous. Numerous websites, tabloid newspapers, advertising networks and news and radio programmes have discussed it. Around 3,300 people have sent messages to the website of the BBC’s 606 sports programme, asking why such a horrible logo was produced (2). Meanwhile, news programmes have had hours of (fairly predictable) fun Continue Reading