Is Our Obsession With Digital Workplace Metrics Getting in Our Way?

Originally published in CMSwire. If there’s one thing that’s inescapable at work, it’s metrics. Performance reviews, KPIs, goals, objectives, inputs … you name it, everything we do invariably ends up being measured, with a number or target of some kind assigned to it. However, the zeal with which some go about measuring (or trying to Continue Reading

Employee Disengagement at All Time Low. What now?

Originally published in Internal Comms Pro. Employee active disengagement levels are the lowest ever recorded. Martyn Perks celebrates the success and talks about what smart communicators should do next in this Internal Comms Pro exclusive.  Every year comes with it another statement of how little employees are engaged in their work. Late last year, pollsters Continue Reading

Organizational Change Doesn’t Have to Hurt

Originally published on CMSwire. Organizational change can be difficult, even at the best of times. With so many moving parts and likely resistance from employees, knowing where to start is a challenge. Take the introduction of a new workplace technology. Depending on your vantage point, it can cause outright fear or inspire a begrudging, “it’s Continue Reading

Digital Workplace Out-of-the-Box Products and SaaS Trends

Originally published on CMSwire. Like a tidal wave crashing ashore, the growing movement of businesses migrating to cloud-based out-of-the-box software and networking technologies seems unstoppable. Everything from digital workplace platforms and human resources software to the growing market of artificial intelligence (AI) bots and apps that integrate with other systems continues to grow at a Continue Reading

Leadership Lessons: Bridging expectations and creating value

Creating a new intranet for the first time can be challenging when your employees have low expectations of its potential. Yet it can open up many new ways to engage your staff that until now may have been impossible to consider. Just how do you go about bridging those expectations, ending up with something new and at the same time valuable?

Leadership Lessons: Putting knowledge management at the heart of the digital workplace

Originally published on Unily. One of the most challenging areas for any business is how to capture, keep hold of, and make use of knowledge to sustain and improve business performance. It has a somewhat mysterious and complex quality: it’s more than data, facts or information. Knowledge is the sum of experience, expertise and human Continue Reading

The Digital workplace in 2018: improving how we work

As the New Year approaches, here we take a look at what will make our digital workplace projects a success in 2018. The year ahead will provide an opportunity to improve the bottom-line, along with cost savings, productivity gains and better engaged workers. It will be essential to achieve these goals in order to secure ongoing digital workplace investment.