Brazil: Not the web we want

It was a timely move. Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, recently celebrated the web’s twenty-fifth anniversary by launching a campaign called theWeb We Want. He called for ‘a global constitution – a bill of rights’ to protect our online freedoms and internet access. But while Berners-Lee’s proposal is all about urging governments Continue Reading

Success is more than counting clicks

 Today things are reversed. Out: politicians with conviction; businesses who innovate with products and services. In: politicians who interpret opinion polls; businesses who make sure everything is ‘tested-to-death’ so it works technically.Voting by clicks offers engagement with a button not a political idea. Similarly, businesses who chase their customers for ideas will end up in Continue Reading

What’s the big idea?

Consider the new committee charged with making parliament more accessible to the masses. A specially designed website, chaired by once-radical MP Peter Hain, asks three questions: 'How could the Palace of Westminster be made more visitor-friendly? How could proceedings in parliament be made easier to follow? Does parliament adequately reflect the concerns of ordinary people?' Continue Reading

Social media is more about creating loyalty than new ideas

Unsurprisingly, some of the heaviest advocates of social media are those brands fighting in tough markets. The Wall Street Journal for example has 38 separate Twitter news feeds with thousands of followers. The car manufacturer Toyota has thousands of dedicated fan pages on Facebook. Its Prius car has over 40,893 fans. Elsewhere Frank Eliason leads Continue Reading