Disabling innovation

Website publishers and designers like myself have been targeted under the act since October 1999. In a recent survey of 1000 websites, the Disability Rights Commission (DRC) found that over 80 per cent did not meet basic accessibility standards and so discriminated against the disabled. While the legal definition of what constitutes a 'reasonable adjustment' Continue Reading

Britain’s uncreative approach to design

Who’s he kidding? What Cable has actually produced is a website and a series of nominations by MPs for random stuff made in their constituencies.  The list includes the Aga cooker, Young’s fish fingers, McCain Smiley Potato Faces, McVitie’s custard creams, The Flight Caddy innovative golf-club case, Great Heck cask ales and last, but not least, the Continue Reading

What’s innovation good for?

Past innovations spawned whole new industries such as television, nuclear power, even fledgling bio-tech, capable of creating millions of new jobs and truly transforming society. Elsewhere, innovation has driven huge increases in productivity and revolutionised infrastructure. While UK manufacturing has recently been growing at its fastest rate for 15 years, this seems to owe more Continue Reading