Can design change the world (and should it try)?

While it is good that designers have ambition and want to change the world, are any of these ideas big enough? Or is the influence of design rather a coincidental symptom of society’s acceptance of limits, where few leaders (or anyone else for that matter) openly argue for innovation, risk-taking and progress? Instead the prevailing Continue Reading

Big Potatoes: Innovation, Science, R&D and the General Election

  Speakers Munira Mirza, advisor for arts and culture to London Mayor James Wilsdon, Director of the Science Policy Centre, The Royal Society Dr Norman Lewis, Chief Innovation Officer, Open-Knowledge (former Director of Technology research, Orange) Stefan Stern, management columnist, Financial Times Eliot Forster, CEO Solace Pharmaceuticals See Big Potatoes: The London Manifesto for Innovation

“Unless you’re a fortune-teller, long-term business planning is a fantasy”

Now that we have a Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition Government, tough economic times are ahead not least because of their deficit reduction plans. £6 billion cuts in public services will no doubt add further hardship to many technology and service companies who already suffer from decreased investment from their services. So how can businesses Continue Reading

Changing the meaning of ‘change’

UK prime minister Gordon Brown’s bedtime reading this year has included a book called We-Think: Mass Innovation, Not Mass Production, by Charles Leadbeater – a man familiar to many in British government and policy circles, since he previously worked in Tony Blair’s 10 Downing Street policy unit (1). He is also the author of numerous books, Continue Reading

Leonardo made limited

In his new book Leonardo’s Laptop: Human Needs and the New Computing Technologies, design guru Ben Shneiderman calls upon us to consider Leonardo da Vinci’s achievements in combining mastery of art with scientific exploration. Leonardo da Vinci is Shneiderman’s muse for thinking about how to innovate with technology and humanity in mind. Shneiderman, who has been Continue Reading