Engineers, be bold – Britain needs grander designs

Co-authored with Paul Reeves.Last week the Royal Academy of Engineering published a report Jobs and growth: the importance of engineering skills to the UK economy that claimed "engineers underpin the economy" but concluded with the gloomy news that they are in short supply and that the UK does not produce enough of them to make Continue Reading

Apple v Samsung: innovation’s the loser

As a result, Samsung’s share price has dropped more than seven per cent. While Samsung remains the world’s largest mobile-phone and smartphone manufacturer, with an operating profit in the second quarter of this year of $5.86 billion, its reputation and future commercial prospects have been significantly dented.There is another important aspect to the court ruling. Continue Reading

The rise of the clicktivists: will the revolution be digitised?

Is the internet just another tool in the activists’ toolbox, accelerating normal protests, or has it brought about fundamental changes? If it has, for better or worse? Is it increasing the amount of debate and discussion around protests, or actually making protests more superficial; diminishing what it is to be committed to a cause and Continue Reading

What’s innovation good for?

Past innovations spawned whole new industries such as television, nuclear power, even fledgling bio-tech, capable of creating millions of new jobs and truly transforming society. Elsewhere, innovation has driven huge increases in productivity and revolutionised infrastructure. While UK manufacturing has recently been growing at its fastest rate for 15 years, this seems to owe more Continue Reading