Don’t Blame Slack for Ruining Your Work, Blame Your Manager

Photo by antonella brugnola on Unsplash Originally published on CMSwire. The saying goes, a bad workman blames his tools. But a more fitting alternative is we get the technology we deserve.  Articles continue to roll out about how messaging tools like Slack, Yammer, WhatsApp — not to mention the granddaddy of them all, email — are to blame for Continue Reading

“The creative industries are misreading the public”

Originally published on Dezeen. With Brexit the British people have shown a greater appetite for risk than the creative sector, which needs to take the public more seriously or risk becoming irrelevant, says Martyn Perks of the Dissenters Design Network. A general election has been called. No one knows exactly what the UK public will do, but they Continue Reading

Co-author Big Potatoes: The London Manifesto for Innovation

Amazon Kindle edition.   Contributing author and co-founder. When it was first published in January 2010, the Big Potatoes manifesto quickly created an international circle of enthusiasts – people who believed, and still believe, that the pace of technological innovation in the West is too slow. Now, a little later, what the Economist (12 January Continue Reading

Powerful Connections

Originally published in The Big Issue. The rise of ‘virtual communities’ has changed the face of politics. But are MPs genuine about online engagement – or is it just more spin? The Times restaurant critic Giles Coren recently experimented with Twitter, the phenomenally successful online social networking tool. He used it to review London’s Criterion Continue Reading