Gamification is taking over our lives, and it all came from video games

Originally published by The Independent Supermarket chain Sainsbury’s was recently caught red faced with a poster encouraging its staff to get customers to spend more on their shopping. It caused an irate yet strange response on Twitter with many outraged by why a supermarket would want customers to spend more. Surely that is the whole Continue Reading

The robots are coming: friends or foes?

Will the ‘second machine age’ bring forth a new era of potential liberation from menial toil or will the short-term costs for low-paid workers outstrip the benefits? Does the contemporary debate simply reflecting some of the costs involved in technological progress, or is it evading some of the underlying economic and social issues? Has the march of the robots, which has been declared numerous times before, been greatly exaggerated?

‘Nudging’: the very antithesis of choice

Originally published on Spiked. However, the results of an investigation by the National Health Service’s Organ Donation Taskforce released in November found that while people do support donation, there is little evidence to suggest that a presumed consent system would result in more available organs (1). Instead, the taskforce concluded that what matters most is Continue Reading