Creativity versus Counting

Venue Usability Professionals Association, LBi offices, London. Much needed creativity is suffering in a climate that places importance on achieving a measurable impact on the bottom line above all else. The talk explored why this is happening and argued that innovation is more important than perpetuating the statistics. Some said I caused disagreements whilst another Continue Reading

Designing behaviour

Venue Battle of Ideas festival, RCA, London. Nowadays, even before designers have put pen to paper, there are growing concerns about the consequences of their work and its effect on society. They are accused of everything from creating too much waste (excess packaging) to fuelling excessive consumption (producing unnecessary gadgets, luxury goods). We are told Continue Reading

Design in denial?

Venue Design Museum, London Why do few designers, if any, defend design for its own sake? Instead, many argue that design only has worth once it contributes toward social renewal, regeneration, the environment, sustainability and so on. But doesn’t this mean that design as a result will suffer? Speakers Clive Grinyer: director of design, Orange France Continue Reading