Originally published on spiked. The internet services industry often worries about how to keep customers loyal. Websites might be fun to use, but do they succeed? Will the customer make the right choices, and come back again and again? It is a problem that’s made worse by the fact that everybody focuses on the customer, Continue Reading

What use for usability?

Originally published in Cre@at magazine (sadly now defunct). Go to Railtrack’s website (www.railtrack.co.uk). There, the most essential feature to you and me – the timetable – is an easy-to-miss button with a murky typeface. In fact, it looks like an ad. Now key in your destination station. You often don’t find anything. But is redesigning Continue Reading

User Experience 2001/2002

Originally published on Usability News. Report back from User Experience 2001/2002 Conference, organised by the Nielsen Norman Group. The four day conference addressed a wide range of subjects, including content, information architecture, interaction design and usability, and took a decidedly practical, back-to-basics tone with workshops run by leading industry experts including Jeffery Veen, Louis Rosenfeld, Continue Reading