Anglo-Israel Colloquium on “Ethics and Responsibility in an Interconnected World”

Read the report back on the event (PDF).

Colloquium themes:

THEME A:  The Social Media in Open and Closed Societies. The impact of social media on governments, communities, education,  protest movements, etc.,  in the UK and Israel – and in controlled societies such as in the Middle East, the former Soviet Union, China, North Korea, Myanmar, et al; Does this impact tend to revolutionise politics and society or is its influence exaggerated?. The Internet’s role in enabling new forms of democratic behaviour and how social media impacts or influences traditional media What might be the result in closed societies following the increased penetration of social media? THEME B: The Dark Side of Social Media. Pornography, enticing children, hate-speech, invasion of privacy, cyber-terrorism etc. Should we be panicking?  Are we complacent? Free Speech versus Protection of Privacy. The Protection of Children and other Vulnerable Groups Internet and the Threat of Extremism Where will the Digital Age take us next? What are we doing about it? New technologies, future trends, users’ behaviour

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